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Carly Burnette



B.A. Asian Language and Literature: Chinese Concentration, Minor in History

M.A. of Teaching Secondary Social Studies

Teaching License for Secondary Social Studies

Professional Achievements & Experience:

1 Year of Secondary Social Studies Teaching Experience in the US.

I additionally have several years of part time education experience related to Elementary English Language Learning, Beginners Chinese Conversational courses, as well as one on one and small group tutoring.

I have also earned several certificates related to classroom technology tools and secondary social studies content, specifically focused on the Holocaust, Nanjing Massacre, Desegregation and the Legacy of Slavery in US History, and more.

Approach to Teaching & Learning:

I believe that it is critical for students to learn from our past and use critical thinking skills to question underlying assumptions and themes within history and society to deeper understand the world, our place in it, and the impact we have as individuals, groups, and institutions. History is made by ordinary people, like all of us, making millions of decisions over time, shaping the world with the decisions they make. I teach history through this critical lens as we explore content themes and learn new skills.


I also believe it is essential for students to form critical thinking skills, autonomy, and a love of learning. I am here as a support structure through learning and to help students develop new skills that will help them in life, but it is fundamentally their responsibility to actually accomplish the work. By the end of the year, students will be able to analyze and evaluate sources for bias, apply concept knowledge to real-world examples, confidently explore topics individually, create their own evidence-based argument, and grow more confident in their English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. These cornerstones influence everything I do in the classroom.


I like to read, watch movies or TV shows, cook, go on walks, and learn new things!

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