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Eniola Olade



Master of Arts in History, Obafemi Awolowo University- 2015

Bachelor of Arts, History, Obafemi Awolowo University 2011


HSK III & Long-Term Chinese Language Course, Soochow University Suzhou

Professional Achievements & Experience: 

News Correspondent, News Agency of Nigeria
One year volunteered ESL teaching in Republique Du Benin
Over four years’ experience as a classroom instructor, two of which I taught World and African History (Senior secondary School Level)
CEBAC, Lagos {Center for Black Arts & Culture} – Researcher
Foreign Conference Staff at Luiss Guido Carli, ROME Italy
One year teaching experience in China

Approach to Teaching & Learning:

Teaching History should not be boring. I am not going to just teach my students historical events all summed up in dates. I am preparing them to make distinct presentations to a client on why they should make a particular investment for example, because I lay my teaching foundations on the words of Bruce Lesh, who proposes that the teaching of History should be argumentative and convincing because arguments are based on “the application of evidence, and evidence is gained through analysis of information”. So, whether my student eventually becomes a scientist or a chef, he or she would be able to build constructive arguments to defend whatever invention, recipe, thesis or cases in the future. Hence, the ways historical problems are analyzed in my classes will nurtures students towards developing evidence to support their arguments.


I love traveling, sewing, museum visits and I particularly love blogging, I have been working on some episodic short stories on reverse racism.

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