Isola Olabode



DMin (Hon) 2016

DBA International Business (2009)

MA Inter-Cultural Studies (2002)

MBA Financial Management/Operations Research (1990)

B.Sc  Business Admin (1986)

TESL 150 HRS (2017)

GREC RE Broker (2006)

Professional Achievements & Experience:


United States

  • Doctoral Dissertation Chair, Argosy University, 2012 – Present.

  • Graduate Faculty, International Business A. U. - 2010

  • Financial Aid Professional, BMC -2008

  • Department Chair, Business & Accounting - 2007

  • Program Coordinator, Argosy University- 2006

  • Lead Faculty, BMC- 2006

  • Full Time Faculty, BMC- 2005

  • Adjunct Faculty, Brown Mackie College-2005


Published Books

  • Dr. Isola Oluwabusuyi (2016) Persistence Management for School Administrators Createspace Publishers, Seattle, WA

  • Isola O. O. (2010) Half Brain Management Techniques (1st ed.) Createspace Publishers, Seattle, WA

  • Isola O. O. (2012) Keeping Your Students: A Comprehensive Retention Manual for College Administrators (1st ed.) Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Saabrucken, Germany

  • Isola O. O. (2011) Intuition, Gender, and Decision Making: Factors

that influence intuition in decision making of leaders from Hong Kong and the United States (1st Ed.) Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Saabrucken, Germany


  • Educational Review

  • Journal of Res. in International Business and Management

  • British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade

  • Research journal of Business Management & Accounting

  • African Journal of Agricultural Research

  • Journal of Economics & International Finance

  • Journal of Accounting & Taxation

  • International Res. Journal of Management and Business Studies


• (2006) United States Patents and Trademark Office - 7,102,073


• Ranked in the top 10% of graduate business faculty -IDEA -2013

• Ranked in the top 10% of undergraduate business IDEA -2013

• Nominated to the editorial board of peer reviewed IDJRB -2011

• Improved students' persistence by 100% between 2007 and 2008.

• Increased students' enrolment by 400% in HK between 1995 & 1996

• Obtained 20yrs USPTO patent for an invention in 2006.

• Published few books in two fields -Amazon.com

• Published papers in several peer-reviewed academic journals.

• Listed on 2006 edition of Marquis Who’s Who in Asia.

• Listed on 2007 edition of Marquis Who’s Who in America

• Listed on 2008 edition of Marquis Who’s Who in Finance

• Listed on 2012 edition of Marquis Who’s Who in the World

Approach to Teaching & Learning:
As a faculty, I believe my role in the classroom is that of a facilitator of information and new concepts in the business field.  I like to challenge students by encouraging them to participate in classroom discussions and allowing them to express their opinions on issues.  I believe in the democratic and proactive system of teaching/management, thus, I often allow students to participate in the decision making process during the semester.  I am highly dedicated to bringing technology to the classroom.  I believe this is evident in my integration of technology in all my classes.  I am also a strong advocate of bringing the “real world” to the classroom.  I accomplish that by relating theories and concepts to current global developments and technological innovations.  I also, encourage students to keep informed by continuously relating assignments to current economic and world news


I love playing the guitar, I also play the piano, saxophone and drums. I write songs and I do back vocals from time to time. I like playing table tennis as well.