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Jose David Arana


Masters in Administration (MBA)  - University of Guadalajara CUCEA 2002-2004 
Masters in Marketing - University of Guadalajara CUCEA 2005-2006 
Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering - Technical Education Center CETI 1995-2001 
Mechatronics Engineering - Technological Institute of the Metropolitan Area of Jalisco 2010-2013 
Technical Automation for industry - Technological University of Jalisco 2007-2010

Professional Achievements & Experience:

1996-2002  ahead IT department and in charge of the committee of acquisition of Informatic equipment and technologies.

CEO Company: Grupo Empresarial Araica, S de R.L. de C.V. From: 05/2007 To: present Job Title: Director Associate of Information Technology.

Job Description: In charge of the System and IT area, as well as an administrative consultant.

Approach to Teaching & Learning:
I like to teach because it is an honor for me to share my experiences and knowledge, to help the students to be better in their professional life, to teach values and to guide the student in his future, my approach is based on creating the interest of learning through empathy towards knowledge, motivate self-confidence and teamwork.


Work hard, watch technological documentaries, western chess and Ping-pong

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