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Melody Zheng


Honors Bachelor of Arts
Specialist in English
University of Toronto

Professional Achievements & Experience: 
In the past 10 years of teaching and interacting with students at the High School and University levels, I’ve learned that fostering an environment that cultivates the students’ love of learning and conducive to honing their independent and critical thinking skills is crucial to helping them set the foundation for any future endeavour they aim for. The skills and knowledge learned in the English Language Arts is present everywhere we go, and is applicable to all the careers that involves clear, concise, and effective communication.

Also, with having extensive professional training in the presentation and public speaking arena, I look forward to helping students not only enhance their level of English proficiency in ELA through the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening; but also in other areas that are considered as “soft skills”, such as increasing their confidence level, enhancing their presentation and public speaking abilities, building teamwork and leadership skills,  establishing clear communication, and more. 

Approach to Teaching & Learning: 
I truly believe that first and foremost igniting a passion for learning sets the foundation, and what we learn becomes a part of who we are. My teaching style is to be a guide in the journey of learning that each student embarks on. I prefer a more interactive teaching method and encourage students to participate actively in class. My aim is to inspire and encourage independent thought, and ignite that love of learning in the process, so that what the students take away is long lasting.

I enjoy travelling, learning about different cultures, hiking, photography, reading, and watching movies.

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