Penny Rhoads



Bachelor of Arts in English Language Arts

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science

Master of Arts in English Language and Literature

Master in Science in Counseling

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Dual doctorate in Psychology and Education and she recently earned a PhD from Vanderbilt University. 

Professional Achievements & Experience:

Curriculum design, teaching and counseling in all three IB programs of study-PYP, MYP and DP, the American AP system and the British IGCSE-GCSE Systems, in addition to local curriculum systems in Denmark, Greece, Hong Kong, China and Oman.  Dr. Penny has earned multiple degrees across varied disciplines.  In addition to her formal earned degrees Dr. Penny has teaching certifications in Pre-K through University in Mathematics, Computer Science, English, Social Sciences, General subjects, Early Education, Counseling, Life and Earth Sciences, Art, Drama and Dance.

Approach to Teaching & Learning:
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education”; this is the philosophy that Dr. Penny Rhoads enthusiastically embraces.  Dr. Penny is an international education specialist, experienced Administrator, Coordinator, Counselor and learning facilitator with over 3 decades of experience. This experience that she brings encompasses all aspects of the educational process, she is a continuing life long learner, a teacher and a parent of third culture children.  This experience allows her the unique ability to empathize with her students and their families in facing the growing pains of educating the youth to become the guardians of our future.



She enjoys extending her experiences by embracing challenges of today and helping them to evolve into the success of the future. She has been working with universities, colleges and vocational schools worldwide assisting with recruitment, admissions and guest lecturing during her professional tenure. Dr. Penny has a love of all things education and learning.  She enjoys sharing that passion and positivity with her learning community.  She consistently demonstrates her beliefs with wisdom, knowledge and action, modeling the power of life-long learning in all aspects of 21st century life in the local and global communities.