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Vincent Roy



My name is Vincent Roy and I am an economics and civics teacher at the Suzhou North American High School. 
My educational background has well prepared me for my teaching duties at SNA.  First, I received a college diploma in Human Sciences (social sciences).  In that program, I discovered my love for economics and obtained a BS in economics at the University of Three Rivers in Canada and an MA in Economics at the University of New Brunswick, also in Canada.  I am presently preparing myself to begin a Doctorate in Economics at Purkyne University in the Czech Republic.

My teaching career has been split between economics and English, two subjects I love very much.  I have taught in six countries located on three different continents.  I have learned many great things from the different cultures I interacted with, which is one thing I love about my teaching career.  However, the most important reason I enjoy teaching as much as I do is the idea of transferring my knowledge to a receptive audience (in most cases).

My main interests are closely related to my work.  I love reading books (fiction, non-fiction), keeping myself informed of world event, playing chess and hiking.

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