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At the beginning of September 2018, SNA proudly announced that it had more than eighty clubs for students to join and enjoy!

Business Profit, Freakconomics, Sudoko, Biological Science, Mystery of Psychology, Appreciation of Chinese Poetry, Appreciation of Western Poetry, Reading (English), Graphic Literature, Mindfulness and Meditation, Politics & Economics Seminar, Math competition, Physics Competition, Chemistry competition, Biology Competition, NEC, English debate, X-HUB challenger (3D Maker/unmanned aerial vehicle/Robot), IT (Hardware), Innovation & Creation, Video Production, Library and Info Processing, Public Welfare, SNA Charity, Chinese Cooking, Western chess, Chinese chess, Comprehensive Material Art, Soft Calligraphy, Stencil,Creative Painting, Textile design, Creative Sculpture, Sewing and Stitching, Crochet and Stitches, Guitar, Vocal Ensemble, SNA Band, North American drama and Opera House, Modern dance, Ukulele, Hip-Pop, SNA Wolves Basketball, Basketball Referee, Female Basketball, SNA Eagle Football, Female Football, Volleyball(Male), Table TennisBadminton, Cricket, Taekwondo, Judo, Chinese Kungfu, Yoga, Western sports, Japanese culture, Cantonese...

These clubs aim to instill in each student a desire to learn, to take appropriate risks, and to accept challenges while enhancing their learning through hands-on practice. Students are encouraged and helped to pursue their personal interests and to improve their skills in order to meet challenges with enthusiasm, openness, and a willingness to solve problems. In that respect, SNA clubs certainly help students become confident and active builders of their future.

In addition these extra-curricular activities constitute precious assets when applying to overseas universities. SNA understands the importance that most foreign universities seeking passionate new talents give to students who have received a complete and proper upbringing.

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