Wang Bintai


Chairman of Jiangsu International Foundation for Education Excellence

Former director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education

Chairman of the board

"Education is the essence of our human civilisation and I strongly believe that the results of education reforms and developments should be shared globally. It is my conviction that the best way to encourage and prepare students for a world that is rich in cultural, social, and individual diversity is to comprehend and combine the essence of Chinese and Western cultures. For this very reason, Suzhou North American High School combines Chinese and Western education and aims to offer its students a global worldview.


Suzhou North America High School is an elite institution which aims to matriculate more than half of its students at the world’s top universities.


I warmly welcome you to Suzhou North America High School where we prepare the next generations for accepting the responsibility of global citizenship. I sincerely hope that Suzhou North America High School will pave your way to the world’s top universities and to your success in this world.


Let’s realize your dream together!"


Liu Guo Rong


December 1978, middle school teachers in Danyang City

Danyang City Education Bureau Party Secretary,

Deputy Director of the Danyang municipal Party Committee

Party Secretary and Director of the Education Bureau of Danyang city


After 1998:

Deputy Director of the Zhenjiang Municipal Education Commission, Jingkou District, Zhenjiang City

Secretary of Education Bureau and Municipal Education Committee, Party Secretary of the Zhenjiang College.

Throughout his career, Liu Guorong has been chiefly engaged in education management and research work.

He has been praised for his work and has received several awards and distinctions.


Lisa Wang

Executive Principal

National University of Singapore post-doctoral studies

Ten years of educational management experience.

4-year post-doctoral research at National University of Singapore.

Associate Professor of Soochow University, School of electronic and information engineering.