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How long does it take to obtain a work permit?

The obtaining of a work permit in China is a rather long process. The flowchart below is provided as a guide only and is subject to change or revision without prior notice.

All days mentioned are workdays. Weekends and holidays are not taken into account.

DAY 1: All application documents received by SNA

DAY 72: Candidate obtains Residence Permit

DAY 3: All application documents translated and submitted by SNA.

DAY 52: Residence Permit application

DAY 51: Work Permit card issued

DAY 41: Authorisation to bring original documents for Work Permit application

DAY 23: Invitation letter issued by government, emailed to SNA and candidate.

DAY 30: Candidate enters China

DAY 29: Z visa issued by Chinese Embassy

DAY 24: Candidate applies for a Z visa

DAY 36: Candidate receives physical examination report

DAY13: If approved, authorisation to bring copies of documents for invitation letter application

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