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Subway tickets range from 2 to 10 CNY depending on your starting point and destination. 

Public bicycles

In Suzhou you can use public bicycles. They are green and scattered all across the city, so they are a convenient and cheap way to go around. 


There are 2 types of taxi in Suzhou. 

1-Regular taxis are often Volkswagen cars and cost about 1.8 CNY/km. The basic fare is 10 CNY for 3 km.

2-Black bulky taxis (often black Nissans) are more comfortable and luxurious but are also more expensive (3CNY/km). The basic fare is 14 CNY for 3 km. 


Buses are inexpensive in China (fare is usually 1 to 3 CNY). Those displaying a snowflake have air conditioning.

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