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Suzhou North America High School has established a partnership with The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University


The Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University is also called the General Hospital of Nuclear Industry, and the Sino-France Friendship Hospital. It was established on December 30, 1988, to meet the needs of development by the China National Nuclear Industry Committee (the predecessor of the China National Nuclear Corporation).

It is a general hospital that has its own study and research capacity, as well as advanced medical equipment. The Second Affiliated Hospital is also the China National Nuclear Radiation Injury Medical Emergency Center, Qinshan Nuclear Emergency Medical Centre, Trauma Rescue Center of Suzhou, the Second Clinical Hospital of Suzhou University Medical Section, and the Neuroscience Institute of Suzhou University Medical Section.

In November 2002, the Second Affiliated Hospital was appointed as the National Accident Emergency Support Unit by the National Office of Nuclear Emergency.

Benefiting from more than 27 years of continuous development, the Second Affiliated Hospital is now a “Grade III, Level A” general hospital that offers medical, teaching, scientific, research and prevention functions and capabilities.

The Second Affiliated Hospital covers an area of about 7,600 m2, and the whole site spreads over 175,000 m2. By the end of 2014, there were 1976 employees including 1653 health professionals, 18 doctor tutors, and 105 postgraduate tutors employed at the hospital.


Sino- French cooperation

The Second Affiliated Hospital benefits from a solid Sino-French cooperation that has last over two decades already. As a token to its close collaboration with the Public Assistance Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP), the Second Affiliated Hospital was named “Sino-French Hospital of Suzhou". In October 1992, the Second Affiliated Hospital had a convention with the AP-HP, and also the CHU (i.e. hospital and research centre) of Strasbourg, the CHU of Grenoble and the CHU of Montpellier.

Thanks to the sharing of scientific, medical, medico-social, and educational experience between China and France, and to its fruitful cooperation with the AP-HP, the Second Affiliated Hospital developed trans-cranial Doppler ultrasound, laparoscopy, and endoscopy technologies and techniques.

With the support of the CHU of Strasbourg, the Second Affiliated Hospital established intensive care units and completed training for personal Echelon. And Finally, under the expert guidance of CHU Montpellier, the Second Affiliated Hospital made consultation and treatment available to patients who suffer from sleep disorder and lymphoma in Suzhou.


A group of 67 professionals were sent to France to attend courses, 65 of which have already returned and now play an important role in the hospital. The Director of the Sino- French Hospital of Suzhou, and department heads have all received additional training in France.


The Second Affiliated Hospital has also sent lots of doctors and nurses to foreign hospitals and medical centers for further study. Besides, medical staff often go aboard to attend international conferences.


The French partners:

  • Hospital AP- HP

  • CHU de Montpellier

  • CHU de Grenoble

  • CHU de Strasbourg

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