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PhD Candidate

Masters of Arts in Science Teaching Major in Biology

10 Years Teaching Experience

Licensed Teacher- Professional Regulations Commission of the Philippines

IB Biology

Professional Achievements & Experience: 

Professional Awards

  1. Champion- International Teaching Skills Competition- Wonder Teachers China

  2. Champion- Prepared Speech Championship- Toastmasters International Philippines

  3. Champion- Impromptu Speaking Championship- Toastmasters International Philippines

  4. 2nd Runner Up- Classroom Action Research Teachers’ Category Philippines

  5. Hope Diamond Awardee- SNA and Wuzhong Group

  6. Excellent Employee- SNA

  7. Most Outstanding Rising Star Award- SNA

  8. Outstanding Employee Award- SNA



  1. Champion Coach for National Scientific Research Congress Philippines

  2. Champion Coach for Asian and British Parliamentary Debates

  3. Champion Coach for National Public Speaking Championships

  4. 1st Runner Up Coach- Swinburne Sarawak Interschool Debate Championships- Kuching, Malaysia

  5. Outstanding in Teaching and Student Evaluation- Consistent

  6. Blue Ribbon Project Mentor-SNA

  7. Virtual Exchange Program Coordinator for CLA and NCSU- SNA

  8. Debate Club Moderator

Approach to Teaching & Learning: 
My Educational Philosophy is centered on Meaningful Connection. Learners will learn best when they can see the usefulness of what they learn and connect it to the real world.

In my class, I always challenge my learners to be collaborative, be analytical, be critical and most importantly be realistic.  


Volleyball, Debates, Travel.

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