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Extra-Curricular activities and clubs are a valuable channel to help students grow and improve their skills. SNA understands the importance clubs play in students’ development and is committed to encourage and promotes an environment that provide every students with the opportunity to achieve their full potential. SNA currently offers over 50 Clubs for students to join.


SNA Music Club is one of our first and most influential clubs. It is a refreshing and enjoyable opportunity for students to enrich their campus life that is highly regarded by teachers and students alike. In addition, members of the music club are very proactive and often take part in charity events and community service. They certainly brings a lot of positive energy to the school!


Nacho graduated from the University of Texas which is one of the largest and most renowned music institution in the United States. He is a talented pianist and very proficient in Jazz music that he has been teaching for many years. He has been in charge of the music club ever since he has worked at SNA and is certainly one of the most popular teacher in school! Besides being a skilled and talented musician, Nacho is also a passionate teacher who cares deeply for the students.


Let’s join in the fun!


The SNA’s school band performing at a charity event

20170206144832_21552 (1).png

The variety and number of Clubs offered at SNA has been steadily growing for the benefits of our students.

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